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Dental and Surgical Courses

Implant I Basic placement, grafting, digital workflow - Dr. Joe Favia

2 Days - 12 CEU's

2020 Date TBA - Lecture, Hands-On & observe Live Surgery

$1249 Doctor, $250 Team Members

Friday-breakfast/lunch/dinner included
Saturday-breakfast included

Course Description: Implant one is the first step for a GP that is interested in incorporating implant placement into their office. This weekend is packed with great information that will be able to be incorporated upon return to your practice. Topics include treatment planning, patient management, diagnosis, basic bone grafting, implant placement, digital and conventional restorative steps, and much more.

Dental team is strongly encouraged to attend

Implant II - Implant Complications, Laser Magic and Immediate Placement - Dr. Joe Favia

1 or 2 Day - 8 or 12 CEU's

Friday March 6, 2020- Lecture, Hands-On
Saturday March 7, 2020 - Live Surgery

$425.00 Doctor, $199.00 Team members- Friday Only
$859.00 Doctor, $299.00 Team members - Friday/Saturday

Friday-breakfast/lunch/dinner included
Saturday-breakfast included

Course Description: We know approximately 10% of the implants placed will not integrate properly over the first month of healing. Implant Complications will give you a nice overview of what can go wrong and what can be done to manage different situations. Lasers are an integral part of our profession but many offices have still yet to embrace the benefits they really provide for patient treatment. From periodontal therapy to gingival contouring to actually prepping teeth. Bonus lecture is the NEW Immediate Placement technique protocol that is a must to know and understand. This technique has shown the highest implant integration rate as well as the lowest receding gum line results.

Implant III - Sinus management - Bumps and Lifts - Dr. Joe Favia

1 Day - 8 CEU's

Friday March 20, 2020 8am-5pm Lecture, Hands-On, Live Surgery
$1450.00 Doctor, $250.00 Team Members

Breakfast/Lunch included

Course Description: Managing the sinuses can be very straight forward when planning is done properly. The parameters on deciding whether to do an intralift (aka: sinus bump) or a Caldwell Luc approach for a sinus lift will be defined and steps for each procedure will be taught.

Implant IV - Advanced Bone Grafting and Ridge Augmentation - Dr. Joe Favia

1 Day - 8 CEU's

2020 Date TBA - Lecture, Hands-On, Live Surgery
$1450.00 Doctor, $250 Team Members

Breakfast/Lunch included

Course Description: This course is designed to give you confidence to diagnose, plan and carry out some of our more difficult grafting cases. Block grafts, onlay grafts, and split ridge augmentation will be thoroughly explained. Live surgeries for these procedures will help you determine if these grafts are within your comfort zone. Either way, to have these procedures as known options is priceless for your patient management.

Implant V - Fixed Hybrid Solutions - Dr. Joe Favia

2 Day - 16 CEU's

Friday-Saturday May 29-30, 2020 8am-5pm Lecture, Hands-On, Live Surgery
$3995.00 Doctor - first Team Member free
$250 Team Member

Friday - Breakfast/lunch/Dinner included
Saturday - Breakfast/lunch included

Course Description: Fixed hybrid dentures are easily the most common implant procedure our patients are actually familiar with. With the countless commercials on TV regarding "Teeth in a Day", many times we will hear a patient ask "How that is possible?" opening the dialogue for us to educate. This course will show you everything you will need to know about these techniques and why they will be some of the largest cases you will do year after year. From the initial consultation to the temporization phase to the final delivery, this course will show it all.

Clinical Excellence: The Changing Face of Direct Restorative Dentistry: Diagnosis, Biomaterials and Techniques - Dr. Robert Lowe DDS, FAGD, FICD, FADI, FACD, Diplomat, American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry

1 Day - 8 CEU's

2020 Date TBA 
$149.00 Doctor, $70.00 Team members

Breakfast/lunch included

Course Description: Today’s direct restorative materials allow the aesthetic dentist limitless
creativity in recreating human dentate form. At the core of every aesthetic
dental restoration is tooth morphology…… natures’ combination of
elevations, depressions, opacities, and translucencies that collectively
produce functional and aesthetic beauty. And, as dental materials evolve
and become “biologic” restoratives, selecting the material which best fits the
specific patients needs is more of a challenge than just choosing “what
works in my hands!”
In this lecture course, Dr. Lowe will discuss and demonstrate methodologies
techniques to create morphologically precise direct anterior and posterior
composite restorations. Bioactive restorative materials options will be
discussed as well as techniques for successful placement. The use of
different aesthetic materials in combination with finishing techniques will
enable simple, yet “world class” placement of state of the art restorations for
your patients tomorrow!

Clinical Excellence: Treatment Options for Indirect Restorative Dentistry - Dr. Robert Lowe DDS, FAGD, FICD, FADI, FACD, Diplomat, American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry

1 Day - 8 CEU's

2020 Date TBA
$149.00 Doctor, $70.00 Team members 

Breakfast/lunch included

Course Description: In this lecture course, you will learn there are creative treatment options that
can be offered as an alternative to conventional “by-the-book” therapies. A
review of sound crown and bridge fundamentals will enable the dentist to
“think outside the box” so that these complex treatment plans suddenly
become possible!

Special Event: MDI Live Mentoring Course Benefiting the Troops - Dr. Joe Favia

1 Days - 8 CEU's

2020 Date TBA 
$1995 Doctor - first Team Member free
$295 Team Member

Breakfast/lunch included

Course Description: Not placing as many implants as you would like?  Do you need some more time placing with a mentor by your side?? This is a great opportunity for you and your assistant to place implants, learn and increase your confidence with Dr. Favia and your peers all while helping out those that served for our freedom!
Join up to 4 other Doctors and place up to 5 implants and view a combined minimum of 20 implants, both freehand and/or guided.

A day like this usually has you fly to Mexico and easily costs over $5000.00.
Patients will include many American Veterans that have served our country and are in need of dental services.  They will receive the implants at no cost! Priceless experience helping our Veterans

**Illinois licensed dentists only***

Practice Management: Powerful Management Secrets to Become a Super Successful Dental Practice - Dr. Robert Pick

1 Day - 8 CEU's

2020 Date TBA

Course Description: The days of simply hanging out your shingle and expecting a successful practice are long
gone. To truly succeed in today’s dental marketplace, tremendous paradigm shifts must
occur in our thinking and in our practices. Although we are certainly health care
providers first and foremost, we often forget that dentistry is a business. Basic principles
that Fortune 500 companies adhere to, dental businesses never subscribe to! The majority
of all dentists do not like the business side of dentistry. In this high energy, fast paced
and motivational program, Dr. Pick will discuss powerful secrets to obtain a highly
successful and well proven super successful dental practice! He further takes you
from being the dentist in your office to becoming the CEO of your practice.

In-Office Implant Mentoring - Dr. Joe Favia

Have Dr. Favia come to your office where you can place 6 to 12 predictable implants or advanced procedures in one day on your OWN patients in YOUR office! Receive 6 to 12 CEU's!!
This one of a kind mentoring is offered to you after each course which gives you the confidence you will need to follow through all the while feeling safe as you learn newer procedures to
provide to your patients.

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"There's no better way than having an implant day!!"